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Economic crisis and global disorder  International Viewpoint, 23 December 2018  
Value and price: a critique of neo-Ricardian claims Capital and Class Vol. 42(3)  

The left should not "Trumpify" itself  Workers’ Liberty, 21 November, 2016  
  Why Greek pension [counter]reforms are not sustainable CADTM, 30 nov. 2016  
What is to be Done with the Banks? Radical Proposals for Radical Changes
John Weeks, Eric Toussaint, Stavros Tombazos, Pritam Singh, Benjamin Selwyn, Alfredo Saad Filho, Patrick Saurin, Sabri Öncü, Susan Pashkoff, Ozlem Onaran, Thomas Marois, Philippe Marlière, Francisco Louça, Stathis Kouvelakis, Andy Kilmister, Michel Husson, Michael Hudson, David Harvey, Pete Green, Giorgos Galanis, Alan Freeman, Gilbert Achar, 13 April 2016 
The shape of the coming crisis Workers’ Liberty,12 January, 2016 

The 32 hour week, the best defence against unemployment L'Humanité in English, 13 December 2015
 The third memorandum is unsustainable just like the previous two Truth Committee on Public Debt, 25 September 2015
Europe should back debt crisis principles at the UN The Guardian, 7 September 2015
 The good drachma? A modest contribution to the debate International Viewpoint, 27 August 2015
 Greece: Structural reforms, multipliers, competitiveness
 Notes for the Truth Committee on Public Debt, April 2015
Liberation Through Vacation Michel Husson & Stephanie Treillet, Jacobin, 1st June 2015 
Unemployment, working time and financialisation: the French case
Cambridge Journal of Economics, vol.39 n°3, 2015
Capital in the Twenty-First Century’: Wealth of Data, Poverty of Theory Historical Materialism, Vol.23, n°1, 2015
 The Greek public debt before the crisis March 2015
Neoliberalism: the Highest Stage? 2015
Looking for an “optimal wage regime” for the Euro zone (with Odile Chagny), Ires, January 2015

The Political Economy of the ‘Euro System’ in W. Dymarski, M. Frangakis, J. Leaman (eds), The Deepening Crisis of the European Union: The Case for Radical Change, Poznan University of Economics Press

Wages And Competitiveness: The Need For Coordination (with Odile Chagny), Social Europe Journal, 10/06/2013 
What to do about the debt and the euro? A manifesto Avril 2013
Social regression as a way out of the crisis ? Ljubljana, 30 March 2013 

Collectively agreed wages in France, Noélie Delahaie, Michel Husson, Catherine Vincent, Ires, September 24th, 2012
The political economy of the “Euro-system”, International Viewpoint n°451, August 2012
Late capitalism and neo-liberalism. A perspective on the current phase of the long wave of capitalist development, with Francisco Louçã, january 2012

The endless bailout of Europe Workers’Liberty, No 224, 9 November 2011, pages 6-7 
Nationalise the banks! Workers’Liberty, 28 September, 2011  
Exit or voice? A European strategy of rupture Socialist Register 2012
A bottomless crisis August 2011
A crisis without end International Viewpoint n°439, August 2011  
A European strategy for the left International Viewpoint n°432, January 2011  

The debate on the rate of profit International ViewPoint n°426, July 2010

Financial crisis or crisis of capitalism? translation of "Crise de la finance ou du capitalisme", Denknetz Jahrbuch 2009
China-USA: The uncertain aftermath of the crisis  International Viewpoint n°415, August 2009
The crisis of neo-liberal capitalism Workers’Liberty, January 2009  

Toxic capitalism International Viewpoint n°406, November 2008
The upward trend in the rate of exploitation International Viewpoint n°397, February 2008
A Systemic Crisis, Both Global and Long-Lasting Workers’Liberty, July 2008  
A Structural Crisis of Capitalism Truthout, 18 april 2008  

Ideology Factories  Truthout 17 October 2007

China. Birth of a giant International Viewpoint n°372, November 2005
World Capitalism in a Phase of Permanent Instability International ViewPoint n°364, February

Europe/USA : a stable disequilibrium, International Viewpoint n°356, February 2004

Exploding the myth of competitiveness, translated from Le Grain de Sable n°430 by Coorditrad

The Narrow Path of Marxist Economics in France
IMF, portrait of a serial killer, International Viewpoint n°344, october 2002
The viability of redistribution translated from Le Grain de Sable n°430 by Coorditrad
2001, or the great cyclical downturn International Viewpoint n°337, 2002

France : more jobs, despite OECD,
Paper for a New School University Conference, New York, 17-18 may

After the Golden Age in Gilbert Achcar, ed., The legacy of Ernest Mandel, Verso, 2000
Is six billion of us too many? introduction to Six milliards sur la planète: Sommes-nous trop?

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The big bluff of 1992, Maxime Durand, International Marxist Review vol.4, n°1, spring 1989
Crisis and Sequels  
Capitalism and the New Economic Turmoil since 2007 
Martin Thomas (ed.) Brill, 2017  paperback 2019
Five chapters
Truth Committee on Public Debt
lllegitimacy, lllegality, Odiousness and Unsustainability of the August 2015 MoU and Loan Agreement
September 2015
Wage bargaining under the new European Economic Governance
Guy Van Gyes and Thorsten Schulten (ed.)
ETUI, 2015
Looking for an ‘optimal wage regime’ for the euro zone (with Odile Chagny)
Truth Committee on Public Debt
Preliminary Report
June 18 2015
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Roadmap to a Social Europe
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Kondratieff Waves
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Late Capitalism and Neo-Liberalism
(avec Francisco Louçã)
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Where is the crisis going?
The European rescue of the European Union?
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A radical strategy for Europe
Eurozone in Crisis: What is to be Done? 
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For a strategy of rupture and extension
Socialists and the Capitalist Recession 
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Toxic capitalism
Critical Companion to Contemporary Marxism , Brill, 2008
The Regulation School
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The legacy of Ernest Mandel
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After the Golden Age