Going back to the question I asked you about people you dislike, can you make any additional comments in that regard, in terms of the characteristics of people that trouble you?
HAYEK: I donít have many strong dislikes. I admit that as a teacheróI have no racial prejudices in generalóbut there were certain types, and conspicuous among them the Near Eastern populations, which I still dislike because they are fundamentally dishonest. And I must say dishonesty is a thing I intensely dislike. It was a type which, in my childhood in Austria, was described as Levantine, typical of the people of the eastern Mediterranean. But I encountered it later, and I have a profound dislike for the typical Indian students at the London School of Economics, which I admit are all one typeóBengali moneylender sons. They are to me a detestable type, I admit, but not with any racial feeling. I have found a little of the same amongst the Egyptians óbasically a lack of honesty in them.

 Friedrich von Hayek interviewed by Robert Chitester, 1978 Part 1 Part 2